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Céad Mile Fáilte

Welcome to One Celtic!  This website was originally set up as the result of some Huntsville Celtic enthusiasts talking at the Maggie McGuinness Pub and wanting to organize a group -- well, they have been successfull!!!
As a result of these initial efforts, the Irish Society of North Alabama was formed in 2010 and will be participating at various events as well as working to host various efforts through out North Alabama and in support of Irish and Celtic education, music, and arts.  Please visit their website:  Irish Society of North Alabama.
In addition, as a result of One Celtic, a Huntsville Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) is in the process of forming and has support from AOH national as well as the great Birmingham AOH division.  Please visit their website:  Huntsville AOH.
We are very pleased with the effort of all of those behind the Irish Society of North Alabama as well as Huntsville AOH -- it is very exciting to see North Alabama bringing together the Irish and overall Celtic community. 
Please note that a primary drive of One Celtic is to serve as a resource for Celtic enthusiasts in North Alabama.  And, with that in mind, the different pages on this website list organizations, bands, Irish dance, festivals, pubs, and businesses that support celtic heritage in North Alabama.  Please note that One Celtic does not endorse any link provided but only provides the links. 
In addition, One Celtic provides a "links" page that contains celtic interest websites both internationally and nationally.
We are always looking to improve and add to this website -  so please provide any additional links for organizations, bands, Irish dance, festivals, pubs, and businesses in North Alabama as well as any other useful sites for the "links" page.  We definitely would appreciate it.
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